whole house repiping

whole house repiping

While it may be rare, some homes need a full plumbing system replacement. Older homes, or homes that were built outside of code, are great candidates for whole house repiping. Plumb Shield will work with you to assess the current plumbing system and schedule a series of appointments to replace your current home’s piping with brand new, up-to-code plumbing that will perform for decades. 

So you need new pipes?

Whether you live in an older home, or discover that your current home needs new pipes due to not being up to code — Plumb Shield is here to help. Older homes, homes damages by weather events, or homes that weren’t built to code, are often in need of a whole home repiping. Such a comprehensive installation is a great opportunity to extend the life of the home and bolster the strength of the plumbing system. After the installation is complete, homeowners can have the confidence that their pipes will perform like a system installed in a brand new home. New pipes can increase the value of your home and the efficiency and quality of your plumbing system. Our team of experts are ready to help you with your major plumbing needs.

If you’re facing major plumbing system issues, or if you’re concerned about your plumbing system generally, call us! We’d be happy to answer your questions and send over a team of experts to assess. We know these can be big projects, but we promise to walk you through the whole process. 

Plumbing Video Camera Inspection

We use the latest technology to fully understand what's going on in your water and sewage lines.

Slab Leak Repair

Your foundation is foundational. So when you find leaks in your slab, call your local plumbing experts.

Fixture Installs & Repair

Refreshing or repairing a plumbing fixture? Call Plumb Shield and we'll get to work.

Whole House Repiping

Big jobs are no problem! When you're in need of repiping, call Plumb Shield today!

Water Leak Detection and Testing

We've got all the equipment to detect leaks before they cause major damage.

Garbage Disposal Repair / Install

Our team of plumbing experts can repair or replace your garbage disposal to get your kitchen back in action.

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Water and waste not flowing properly? No worries. The experts at Plumb Shield can fix your clogged drains right away.

Water & Sewer Line Repairs

Don't allow a leaking or broken water line to cause major damage! The local plumbers at Plumb Shield can help.

Faucet Repair / Install

We repair and replace broken faucets, so your bathrooms and kitchens can stay in operation.

Gas Line Installation & Repair

Gas line repair isn't something you should attempt on your own. Give Plumb Shield's plumbing experts a call!

Toilet Repair and Installation

Toilet not working properly? Save yourself time and headache by calling Plumb Shield.

Water Heater Replacement / Installation

Losing access to hot water isn't fun! Plumb Shield will head right over and get your unit repaired or replaced.